Send Bitcoin to Anyone
with a Mobile Number

Everyone’s Mobile Bitcoin Address

Now anyone can use their mobile number as an instant bitcoin address to send and accept bitcoin worldwide, securely, privately and 100% under your control. Enter the mobile number and amount you wish to pay and tap on generate mobile bitcoin address to get started.

Send Bitcoin to Someone without a Wallet

Qcan makes it easy to send bitcoin online to any mobile number worldwide, safely and securely. It’s the most convenient way to introduce new users to bitcoin without them having to download a wallet or even knowing how bitcoin works. Qcan makes sending and receiving bitcoin without a wallet easier than ever.

Send Bitcoin in an Emergency

You can send bitcoin to anyone in an emergency knowing nothing more than their mobile number. No matter where in the world you or they are and no matter what the emergency, if they need payment in bitcoin, you can get it to them quickly, securely and easily with Qcan.

Send Bitcoin Anonymously

With Qcan’s online instant mobile bitcoin address generator you can send bitcoin anonymously from any bitcoin wallet or online bitcoin account directly to any mobile number. No personally identifiable information is passed on to the recipient of the bitcoins and like all completed Qcan transactions no details are stored, ever.

Send Bitcoin Overseas

Getting bitcoin from one corner of the globe to the correct person on another is simple with Qcan. Our private transactions make it possible to send bitcoin overseas to any country worldwide with no restrictions, no limits, no pricy fees and no questions asked.

Send Bitcoin Donation

Easily send bitcoin donations to any mobile number and rest assured that the person the donation was destined for is the person getting it! With Qcan there are no bitcoin payment addresses to verify, the number you just called is the number you can now pay.

Send Bitcoin Payment

Anyone can send you bitcoin payments too. No complicated account to open, no ID, No Personal Info, not even an email address. Simply tell others to send bitcoin payments to your mobile number at and Qcan will instantly send your bitcoin payments to your mobile bitcoin address.

Send Bitcoin as a Gift

Surprise your family and friends with an unexpected bitcoin gift. Send them some bitcoin for that special occasion, easily and quickly. Qcan makes gifting someone with bitcoin simple and fast with no hoops for the receiver to jump through to receive their bitcoin.

Qcan™ - Mobile Bitcoin Address™

Qcan is the first service of its kind to introduce the direct payment of bitcoin to mobile numbers.